The USP - Union of Pharmaceutical Sciences
specializes in the research, formulation, development and marketing of herbal products, medical devices, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


It offers a wide range of products, born from an innovative research, specialized in different targets:



USP operates throughout the national territory, using a network of professionals continually updated scientific and technical.

The USP company is partner of the University Federico II of Naples (faculty of pharmacy)

Present in Italy since 2000, is a company providing research, subsequently shaped and developed products under its own brand. Scientific research is the most important element of the USP, the methodology used to increase knowledge within science, which is made with painstaking care by following all the steps.

USP's mission is to develop the highest quality products with pharmaceutical forms carefully studied.

USP as always collaborated with the medical profession and the universities, the constant search for innovative and unique solutions to the continuous updating of the formulas of its products and the realization of new projects. And it is thanks to the considerable efforts in research and development, USP, identified specific therapeutic solutions.


Wellness and health has been always our care.